• Work From Home – A Guide for the uninitiated

    While many people think working from home is the best thing in the world, the recent Coronavirus apocalypse will teach them otherwise. WFH has many benefits but it also has plenty of downsides that may not seem apparent at first. Here is a quick guide on how to do it right. A couple of things… Read more »

  • How to optimize video ad timeouts

    TLDR; I’m going to assume you use DFP because it is by far the most common, but the same concepts apply to all ad servers. Additionally, I’m assuming you are using the IMA SDK which is also the defacto way of doing ads with a few exceptions. If your site uses videos but you are… Read more »

  • Adding pageviews to WordPress stats on galleries

    Jetpack is awesome. Among many features, by default, it runs WordPress stats. While they are not Google Analytics by any means, they do give you a nice view on how your site is doing, with a very small footprint. The event code is just added to your site’s footer and voila! it just works! The problem… Read more »